The Tradesmen Motorcycle Club was formed in Montgomery County Maryland in 1993. We held our first meeting in February of that year. We are a Work related Motorcycle Club. Our Membership is made up primarily of blue collar trade employees and business owners. We are and always will be an Independent Club. We are an established AMA Chartered Motorcycle Club. We have held that Charter since 1993. Our Charter # is 06332. We have gained a reputation as a very organized tightly knit Club. In 2006 we branched and started our Virginia Chapter, which includes some very wise and experienced Motorcycling enthusiasts. Not to mention some very important Senior leadership.

Over the past 25 years we have sponsored and or been part of many charity rides, fund raisers and volunteer activities that have helped to improve the community’s outlook on Motorcycle Clubs and Motorcyclists in the National Capital area. As time goes by we will strive to continue to do this.

Our name and logos are Copyrighted and Trademarked through the Federal Government, any unauthorized use or representation will bring swift and severe legal action.