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Founding Member- Billy “Bulldog” Styles 1963-2002Billy will always be remebered as a brother to the end. He was an incredible friend and would stand up for the Tradesmen at no expense. He always wanted to have your back. We will always miss him. TFFT——————————————————————————————Founding Member- Richard “Holeshot” Burch 1963-2006As one of the Five Founding Members, Holeshot truly was the motivator of the Tradesmen Motorcycle Club. From day one he pursued our success with an unending passion. Whether the situation was good or bad he taught our Members to get things done by example. As a Brother and a Biker he was true to the end. Either at events or on his motorcycle he bled our Blue and Gray. For fourteen incredible years he was 150% about the Tradesmen Motorcycle Club and our ability to last forever. Our strength and our future is a direct result of his love for our Club. He was loved by many and will be missed by all, forever. TFFT——————————————————————————————10 Year Member-Mike “Moondog” Hart 1970-2007 Moondog was a true soldier for two worthwhile organizations; the Tradesmen MC and the Washington Redskins. He will be remembered by his brothers in the TMC for his loyalty, strong character, and his wonderful sense of humor. He will be remembered by Dallas Cowboy fans as their greatest rival. RIP. TFFT——————————————————————————————1 Year Member Praveen “Bean” Ohal 1967-2008We’re pretty sure the day Bean patched out was the most nerve racking day of his life. Bean showed up, Tuned up and ready to go. He was truly proud and honored to earn that Arm and Wrench. From that point on, he lived and loved the Brotherhood and Friendship we all share. Allthough he was only with us for a short time, Bean fit our build and proffessed his love for the Tradesmen Motorcycle Club. We are so Thankful to have had him. His memory and smiles will be with us forever. TFFT


It is with great pleasure and honor that we post the below poem received from Bean’s family , dedicated to him on his birthday (January 11th).

Song of the Soul

A poetic non-literal version entitled “Song of the Soul” is rendered in Iyengar (1966: p.53):I am neither ego nor reason, I am neither mind nor thought,I cannot be heard nor cast into words, nor by smell nor sight ever caught:In light and wind I am not found, nor yet in earth and sky -Consciousness and joy incarnate, Bliss of the Blissful am I.I have no name, I have no life, I breathe no vital air,No elements have moulded me, no bodily sheath is my lair:I have no speech, no hands and feet, nor means of evolution -Consciousness and joy am I, and Bliss in dissolution.I cast aside hatred and passion, I conquered delusion and greed;No touch of pride caressed me, so envy never did breed:Beyond all faiths, past reach of wealth, past freedom, past desire,Consciousness and joy am I, and Bliss is my attire.Virtue and vice, or pleasure and pain are not my heritage,Nor sacred texts, nor offerings, nor prayer, nor pilgrimage:I am neither food, nor eating, nor yet the eater am I -Consciousness and joy incarnate, Bliss of the Blissful am I.I have no misgiving of death, no chasms of race divide me,No parent ever called me child, no bond of birth ever tied me:I am neither disciple nor master, I have no kin, no friend -Consciousness and joy am I, and merging in Bliss is my end.Neither knowable, knowledge, nor knower am I, formless is my form,I dwell within the senses but they are not my home:Ever serenely balanced, I am neither free nor bound -Consciousness and joy am I, and Bliss is where I’m found.

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Dear Bob:

It was nice talking to you today. I wish to take this opportunity to wish you and the other Tradesmen a very Happy New Year. I take this opportunity to thank all the Tradesmen who were part of Bean’s”Celebration of Life” ceremony on November 3, 2008. Thank you all for taking time from your work schedules to be with Bean’s extended family andfriends.In remembrance of his upcoming birthday (January 11) I want to remember Bean as I honored him in a card I had sent for his birthday in January1999. He had saved this card! What is a Son? He is the dear little boy that you love so, That you play with so much when he is small. Who fills you wi th joy and excitement As you watch him grow up big and tall. He is the youth that you guide with affection As you teach him him to take life in stride. Who matures and becomes the fine person Who brings those who love him such pride. At this time it is with great pride and joy that I remember him as my son. He was a great human being who had time for each and everyone of his family and his friends. He is being truly missed. Thank you for posting this on your website. Bijali Ohal (Bean’s Mom)~~~

Do not be afraid to go out on a limb … That’s where the fruit is.

— Anonymous

~~~——————————————————————————————Original Charter Member – Curtis “Artimus” Frey 1963-2008 We really never knew what to expect from Artimus. He was kind of unpredictable. Artimus loved fishing and music and there wasn’t much he didn’t know about both. As an Original Charter Member of our Club, he truly enjoyed hosting our Meetings and Parties at his house. He was a generous friend and Brother and is resting peaceful and safe now. We will always cherrish his memory. TFFT.——————————————————————————————

“Brother Dave” Hollister  –  

I’m sure we have all grown weary of these announcements, but we have lost another close friend, brother, father, husband and one of the original 7 VA Tradesmen.  Brother Dave has long been a dear friend and guiding light.  He will be sorely missed.

As one brother put it, “There’s no pain on the other side. We’ll feel you in the wind every time we ride!  TFFT”