Author: Wags

How it all started….

In the fall of 1992 a group of friends had just completed another summer of riding and partying together. Fall turned to winter and a series of meetings would lay the Foundation of what would become the Tradesmen Motorcycle Club.

In January of 1993 the Founding Members met to decide on a Club name and establish a Creed, Rules and Membership Requirements. It was decided that the Club would remain neutral to outside influences to preserve our independence.

As with any growth process, the first few years we had our ups and downs. Individual hardships, personal differences and inability to work with the group saw many of our Members come and go as we struggled to shape the brotherhood. We learned that it takes Members with true commitment for us to survive.

During this time we started to reach out to the community. First through various parties and events we sponsored. then moving into hosting events for other organizations, providing security, entertainment, food and beverage services. The exposure this brought us served us well by bringing a new Breed of Tradesmen to the Club.

As the years passed the core of Dedicated Members increased. We took on more events and established a Community Service Program. As the Club matured so have our Members. We have traveled all over the United States and have made many friends along the way.

Since the beginning we have stood tall and given the Due Respect to others that we would expect for ourselves. As time goes on we will continue to have Pride in The Tradesmen Motorcycle Club and the principles our Founding Members Began with.

Toe , 2007